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Ok regular battles in Galesburg have ended for the winter until April 6, 2002. *However there will be fighter practices and arts and science events held periodically.*

*The attempts are being made to hold fighter practices in both the Quad Cities and the Eastern areas of the shire. Currently there is nothing organized for the Quad Cities.-if someone wants to organize it please contact the shire

Sunday, December 16,2001, fighter practice at Peoples Park(ISU)in Bloomington-Normal IL. 10am-2pm for more details contact Callandra

Join the Sawney Freehold Shire

Lake Storey Park, Galesburg, IL

Elections were held recently. Daevin Ulorin is the new sherrif, Callandra Ayla St. Twintree Drachewolf is regent, Bubastis,Alona St. Twintree is chancellor, and champion is Zenon


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