Druids have never, for the most part at least, had a very high opinion of "civilization." At least those parts which include signing your life away to some high and mighty king and then going off and killing yourself in some war over which you have no idea of the reason for. Killing yourself or some other poor sod on the other side. No wonder warriors are drunk so much of the time. Give a Druid a forest, some sunlight and lots of space unoccupied by "civilization," and maybe a baby elephant vacumm cleaner and you've got yourself a happy druid. And this is how the druid house St. Twintree lived, alone in the forest, for a very long time. Long before Sawney Freehold ever was even an idea, the druids lived in the forest that would soon be known as Sawney in peace with the other creatures of the forest, including the faerie folk.

But that idilic peace was shattered when the local human villages got it into their heads to form a shire, as they saw that the monarch of the Golden Plains had siezed the area that would be known as Sawney Freehold (at the time known as "Gal'es" a Druid word meaning "flat land where bad poet was born"). A sheriff was sent form the Golden Plains to form the shire and keep the peace among the peoples. However, the sheriff they sent wanted nothing to do with the lesser "uncivilized" folk, mainly those races who couldn't spell the word "civilized." So the sheriff began a systematic rooting out of all the troll, ogre, and goblin races from the area. Now everyone knows that goblins are an offshoot of the faerie race, and the faeries wern't very happy with this new development. And the Druids, being allied with the faeries, despite the Druid's human nature, took the side of the Faeries, as they also saw new government destroying the forest without consent of those living in it. And that was just not...acceptable.

So the next few years were spent with the Sawney Freehold's Sheriff having well, trouble sleeping, due to the fact that most night, despite all precautions, something was usually amiss in the sheriff's bedchamber, like the appearance of a giant 300 foot tree in the middle of the floor, mushrooms sprouting on odd body parts or the occasional sniping, as everyone knows that the reason Druids are so powerful is because they can use a bow. Often the offending arrow would have a note attached, saying "I shot the sheriff." However, this was only done in retaliation to the burning of several acres of forest. Slowly, the war crept into the entire forest, and most of the druids, who were just not powerful enough to fend off civilization, died at the hands of the Sawney, or just plain left, in search of a more peaceful land. But not the St. Twintree clan. The sacred Twin Trees of the family were the very source of life for the family.

Finally, after years of combat, the Druids and their allies met an agreement with the Sawney Freehold Shire, and peace was established, after the loss of many a sherriff and a hundred of acres of forest, not to mention the loss of many lives, they both came to terms. Slowly, the Druids began to come out of the forest and into the shire. However, most Druids when the word sheriff is brought up will say he old oath "Tel em to stick it where the lichen grows!" (They just didn't get the phrase "stick it where the sun don't shine" because they always replied "what, in a cave?") Lets just say they weren't about to trust an officer. At least not one who wasn't a Druid.

In steps Alona St. Twintree. Not exactly a whiz on the battlefield (she got to choose the family coat of arms, which included the motto which loosly translated into "I salute those who will soon kil me") she quickly rose through the ranks of "civilized" society to gain the postion of Regent. Followed by her twin, Ayla, as all St. Twintree's were born with, she and her sister try really hard on the field, but are really more at home in making stuff, perfect for regent. She is known on the field for carrying a set of two throwable hand scythes her grandmother gave her, to remind her that the forest is a part of her, and protect it she may have to personally make some heads roll. Her tree spirit is the oak, as she and her sister are both named after it, as all the St. Twintree are given a tree totem to be named after, and therefore choose a "home tree" which they protect and consider home.





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