Brother Arongon, or Padre as he is called among those in the shire, has followed the catholic faith for as long as he could remember Holding to all the practices of the faith Arongon only saw it fit to devote his entire life to serving god, so he went to the cathedril in the city of Lethisbon at the age of nine, for six years he was imersed in his religion and eventually came to the conclusion that all must follow his religion or die as the heathens they were. Seeing this shocking yet refreshing zealous attitude, the church saw it fit to train Arongon in the ways of battle, as well as the ways of healing. The church sent arongon to the warrior village of Logsnoth to be trained with a weapon, there arogon learned how to fight with a staff, which has been his weapon of choice for five years now. Brother Arongon has now gone about the world converting sinners, banishing heathens, and saving souls every step of the way. Though zealous in battle, and in prayer, brother Arongon has been seen as a well tempered kind hearted man off the battle field, often enough he is found telling some crazy story of his adventures, where he always converts the sinners, or banishes the heathens (at times these stories are greatly exagorated and should be taken with a grain of salt). Pocessing a considerable knowledge of healing magicks Brother Arongon is seen as an asset in battle.........that is if he can pull himself away from smiting the heathens to actually heal somebody.





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